Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Different Kind of Shafts and Usages

Shafts are very importance of machine elements such as fasteners, springs, gears, valves, pipe fittings, etc., in engineering design.  SHAFTS, too, are a basic, important and very common machine element. Like others, it also has various types. Some categories are familiar to us, while some may be not known to people at all. Shafts generally do not fall into this category. A shaft is usually designed to perform a specific task in a specific machine. There may of course be thousands of similar machines produced, each using a shaft of that design, and the manufacturer may provide extra shafts as "spare parts", but that shaft design generally has no use outside the machine for which it was designed.

Now let us look at some kinds of shafts. The first and primary type is the drive shaft (also called driving shaft). It is usually applied with gears. And it is a mechanical part that is used for transmitting the torque and rotational movement.  It is also be used in heavy applications. It is no doubt that it can be applied in various industries such as the power generation, mining industry and so on.

The second type is the helical and double helical shaft. Compared to the above one, its shape is rather special. At present, many products of this kind can offer superior technical capabilities. Except for the application in the industries, many of them can also be used in the non-industrial application. As a result, the materials chosen to manufacture them should be durable, too. Thus, materials such as titanium and tungsten are suitable for making these shafts.

Machined shaft fabrication is provided by Ashoka Group, along with the guarantee of quality, which naturally comes with the fact that you’re dealing with a reputable shafts manufacturer like us.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Manufacturers of Precision Components, Machines and Industrial Gears in India


Gears Hub is a leading company in India who is specialized manufacturing of all kind heavy machines of industrial applications. Our all engineers provide highest level of consumer services and satisfaction. We start over carrier in 1952 developing Industrial Gears, Spur Gears, Ground Gears, Helical gears, mining gears, sugar mill gears, ball mill gears , rack, internal gears and machines those are used for mill, mines, power plants, rubber and paper industries.  We also manufacturing almost 50 kinds gearboxes,

 We are identical to Original Equipment Manufacturers of Industrial gears, Material Handling equipments, Power transmission products, Steel Plants, Cement Plants, Sponge iron Mills, Sugar Plants, Heavy Machines, Shafts, Bearing and other related parts. We are offering you our many years experience, tested O.E.M equipments or machines tested prior to shipment to ensure satisfactory performance when returned to service.

We are responding to our customers at the time of emergency needs, breakdown and customized machining technical problems at 24*7 hours. If anyone wants to replacement and customized gearing requirements, Call us any time for quick response to your needs. Our technical engineers and staff who checked the machines and assure you for the quality of gears, machines and other equipments. We provide profile inspection chart for the quality standard.

We also manufacturing machines, heavy gears as per customers requirements like Customers are able to send their digital drawings to us which can then be converted to G-code for post process editing. Our new CNC, high-precision, high rigidity, turning centers allow us to produce the highest quality parts for customers who need only one, or for customers who need thousands with different kind of material.

In India we are well known and famous for industrial equipments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters,  Gears Hub, is trusted and time tested for over 65 years. For more details visit our website www.gearshub.in


contact us:

D-208, Sector-63, Phase-111
Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar
Ph.: 0120-4252301,02,03
Fax: 0120-4252305
Cellphone: 0091-9811141400
gaurav@ashokaengineering.com, ag@ashokaengineering.com

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Largest Gears Production House in India

Gears Hub is started in 1952 as gears manufacturing organization in India, Today we have completed 60 years successfully, you will be surprised to know that most companies follow our techniques for gears manufacturing. We supply our products to all over the world including UAE, East Asian and other countries.

We produce all types’ Industrial gears like pinion gears, girth gears, worm gears, ground gears, girth gears, helical gears, internal gears, external gears, sugar mill gears, worm gears and much more. As a biggest manufacture, we provide transportation or turnkey solutions for established your machines at place where our customer wanted.

Gears Hub is long established company providing quality gears, cutting tools, gearboxes, shafts, power transmission products, material handling eequipmentas well as we are biggest manufacturers of cement plants, steel plants, sponge iron plants and heavy industrial machines those are used for mining, sugar mills, gear grinding machines etc.

We are expertise in manufacturing of heavy equipment our engineers are used latest technology to complete each gear unit for enhancing reliability and performance they take care about improving the cost effectiveness of the complete solutions. The Industrial Gears are used for mining, steel, sugar mills, constructions applications. Lots of big gears are used for cement and fertilizing industry.

India is known as global gears industry and gears hub play great role in this market. We are committed to continue serving best quality machines with latest technology and knowledge exchange information around the world.

We all are know that the Gear Technology can make the impossible to possible.

For more information visit our website www.gearshub.in or contact to our representatives.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Industrial Gears: Types, Features and Usages

Gears are main devices of any machine, it could be small machines or hug in sizes. Gears provided motion to the machine and done appropriate work like grinding, cutting, crushing. Gears are a mechanical energy that provides capacity for the machines for work. Industrial Gears are used for all kind industrial machines and these are different in type, features and usages.

Industrial Gears Manufacturers: These are usually type of Industrial Gears that have sized such as shaft or cylinder. These are usually applied for the other individuals or even the teeth of the various styles gears. Gears are shaped in such a manner that it is united the parallel to the axis of the rotation Helical Gears. Spur gears are used in low speed applications and in those conditions where sound organization is not a difficulty.

Helical Gears: The teeth of the helical gears are shaped in a manner to increase strength to be bushed force loads  various types of gears performed  actually averment to the spur gears. As compared to spur gears these are parallel to the axis of rotation. These are set at and position of an angle to the axis of spin. Helical Gears are used in the lot of business sectors like rubber, medical, steel, packaging industries and much more..

Worm Gears: Worm Gears are unused in a large number of automobile industries these gears are used in paper, textile, sugar, steel industries. These are mainly two types either single or multi-start threaded. They are also referred to as wheel gears and are worked by driving two shafts together.
The drive form of the Worm gear is the meshing gear transmission. The fast sliding speed results in the abrasion of tooth flanks. In order to reduce the abrasion of tooth flanks, the expensive materials are used by this transport mechanism.

Bevel Gears: Bevel Gears are most famous industrial gears, these are regularly use for the shafts essentially leading main shaft to the back shaft. That kind of gears are fitted in the right angle of any other angle to the axis of the rotation. Bevel gears are used in industries like printing, hand drills, cooling towers, and many other machine tools , etc .
Double Helical Gears:  Double helical gears are very effective functional in marine industry and heavy tool or machines manufacturing marine gears boxes, rolling mills , steel rolling mills and other heavy industries.

Features of Industrial Gears:

Gears must ensure certain qualities and function under best work hours . Let us look at the most coveted qualities of industrial gears .

1 . High tensile strength to bear heavy load - The material used for manufacturing objective need to handle withstand high pressures.

2 . High power for high heat load hours –Throughout the peak hours when the load is surmounting for an appropriate period of time, the industrial gear should produce great power qualities to deal up with the harshest environment .

3 . Impressive - Robustness is a major plus for any mechanical device. It becomes a required likely to case of industrial gears as they are prone to much wear and tear.

4 . Amazing to grip or high coefficient of friction –The tooth shaped structure ensures high coefficient of friction.


Industrial gears are used in various industries due to their utility, to mention a few :

1 . Power plants

2 . Mines

3 . Steel industry

4 . Elevators

5 . Wind turbines

6 . Mill heads

7 . Automobile industries

Given the significant are power of gears , it is safe to determine that gears are necessary  in the large field of machinery . 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Gears Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in India

We all are known that the gears are the basic part of any machines these are different kinds like as sizes, material and shapes, and these all machines totally depended on the quality of gears, if gears are working their job perfectly the machines performs excellently. So it is important to use good quality gears those are made by technical engineers and trusted brand for increase performance of any machines.

 India is a large country there are many gears manufacturing organizations. Gears Hub is the one of oldest and largest gears manufacturers in India. We have 60 years experience in this industry, India’s most trusted and popular organizations are used our gears. (More details visit our website www.gearshub.in) Basically we are manufacturing all kind Industrial gears like: Girth Gears, Helical Gears, Double Helical Gears, Bevel Gears, Mill Gears, Marine Gears, Ground Gears, and Gears for mining machines, Gears for cement plants manufacturing machines and much more.

 As a gears manufacturers we provide all kind turnkey solutions for established machines and heavy equipments. We export our gears in USA, UAE, Germany, France and African Countries. We provide wide range of industrial gears in sizes and various materials as well as we support you for maintenance of our products.

 Today we are not only in gears manufacturers but we also manufacturers of cement plants, steel plants, sponge iron plants, sugar mill, material handling equipments, power transmission products and heavy machines and equipments. 

 We serve all kind of heavy industrial equipments: More details visit our website http://www.gearshub.in

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Gears Manufacturers and Suppliers of Industrial Equipments

Gears Hub, An Largest Gears Manufacturers in all over world. We supply industrial gears to all over world. We manufacture various gears for various industry categories specially for cement plants and sugar mills.

Since 1950 we are expertise in Gears Manufacturing and now company has entered in heavy industrial plant development on turnkey basis. Large automated workshop near Delhi, India We have automated plants for all type of gear products.

There are many ranges of products we have including girth gears, pinion gears, helical and double helical we manufacture large wheel gears. We are regular supplier of defence and marine gears that are useful in defence equipments and large yacht and ships.

We export industrial equipments and gears to worldwide, We understand the time value and having our own transportation departments to care packaging according to the product requirements. During the long journey of maintaining quality and commitments we are reaching to the leadership position in this highly demanding competitive industry.

for more details please visit our website www.gearshub.in or email to us at industrialgearshub@gmail.com