Monday, 3 November 2014

Manufacturers of Precision Components, Machines and Industrial Gears in India


Gears Hub is a leading company in India who is specialized manufacturing of all kind heavy machines of industrial applications. Our all engineers provide highest level of consumer services and satisfaction. We start over carrier in 1952 developing Industrial Gears, Spur Gears, Ground Gears, Helical gears, mining gears, sugar mill gears, ball mill gears , rack, internal gears and machines those are used for mill, mines, power plants, rubber and paper industries.  We also manufacturing almost 50 kinds gearboxes,

 We are identical to Original Equipment Manufacturers of Industrial gears, Material Handling equipments, Power transmission products, Steel Plants, Cement Plants, Sponge iron Mills, Sugar Plants, Heavy Machines, Shafts, Bearing and other related parts. We are offering you our many years experience, tested O.E.M equipments or machines tested prior to shipment to ensure satisfactory performance when returned to service.

We are responding to our customers at the time of emergency needs, breakdown and customized machining technical problems at 24*7 hours. If anyone wants to replacement and customized gearing requirements, Call us any time for quick response to your needs. Our technical engineers and staff who checked the machines and assure you for the quality of gears, machines and other equipments. We provide profile inspection chart for the quality standard.

We also manufacturing machines, heavy gears as per customers requirements like Customers are able to send their digital drawings to us which can then be converted to G-code for post process editing. Our new CNC, high-precision, high rigidity, turning centers allow us to produce the highest quality parts for customers who need only one, or for customers who need thousands with different kind of material.

In India we are well known and famous for industrial equipments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters,  Gears Hub, is trusted and time tested for over 65 years. For more details visit our website


contact us:

D-208, Sector-63, Phase-111
Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar
Ph.: 0120-4252301,02,03
Fax: 0120-4252305
Cellphone: 0091-9811141400


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