Cement Plant Gears - Ball Mill Girth Gears

During the 60 years of gears experience, We keep learning and updating our self with all latest machines and equipments required for heavy duty fine quality gears. We have started supplying  ball mill girth gears for ball mill machines in cement plants... Now we are manufacturing and supplying all type of cement plant equipments  including mills, kiln shells, conveyor belts.

Gears Hub has successfully planted cement plants in J&K to End of North East India. We are also supplying various type of worm wheel gears and other gears in all over India and world wide.

We manufacturing gears for cement plants, sugar mills and other heavy industries, Our clients are almost all heavy industrial company are client with us and we are supplying various gears, machines, fabrication jobs and other custom engineering solution to all over world.
Ball Mill Girth Gear Manufacturers

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