Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Gears Hub - A Platform for Gears Manufacturers & Users

Gears Hub - A Hub for Gears Manufacturers
We at Gears Hub is a largest industrial gears manufacturers and suppliers in India, The multi diversified group manufacturing high quality industrial gears of all the sizes 10 mm to 10 mtr gears like a gear for small machines to large marine gears manufacturing.

The group has more than 60 years of experience in industrial gears and now its turned to all the heavy equipment suppliers like ball mills, kilns shells, turnkey plants. We served all the heavy industries including semi governments and government and having clients like all public companies serving country to power, engineering, paper, agriculture, defense, marine etc.

Here our objective is to combined all the industrial gears manufacturers to provide them a platform where they can share the experiences, scope and expertization to help end customer and India to increase export and reduce the import of heavy machines.

I welcome all gears manufacturers in India to participate in these discussions where we are talking about industries scope, available machines etc.

Please write your thoughts and suggestions at industrialgearshub@gmail.com

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